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Succulent Society Objectives

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The objectives of the Society are to promote knowledge, the cultivation and conservation of succulents and to make a contribution to the protection and conservation of all indigenous flora and their habitat.

The Society publishes the journal ALOE that appears quarterly. Articles in the journal range from popular information on the cultivation of the succulents to scientific descriptions of new succulent species. Colour photos of plants in habitat are included in each issue. The illustrations are helpful in the identification of plants, both in collections and in the veld. In the journal emphasis is placed on plants from Southern Africa, the rest of Africa and Madagascar, although succulents from the rest of the world also feature regularly. The journal has already attained international status and is highly esteemed among succulent enthusiasts the world over. Being an international journal the language used is English.

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The Succulent Society

The objectives of the Succulent Society is to promote knowledge, the cultivation and conservation of succulents.

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